Customer Service Policy

All the following principles form the customer service policy of the according to which all the business is conducted on the platform. No transaction or order is exempted from the given customer service policy.

Encrypted Sensitive Data

The has leveraged software that secures all the sensitive data provided by customers – including credit and debit card numbers and all other personal information. The information is thus converted into an unbreakable code before it is transmitted over the network to the other end.

Price Increases

Some sellers may increase the price of an item after you have already ordered it at the old price. If such an unexpected situation arises that there is a significant gap in what you paid and what our delivery service needs to pay, we will contact you to confirm whether you still want the product at a new price. However, if the price gap is very small, we may absorb it at our discretion without contacting you.

Delivery Charges

The continuously works to make its delivery service much more formidable and efficient. We use all kinds of techniques and tools to make sure that you are receiving your delivery in the most cost-effective and quick way.

Returns and Refunds

We have a return guarantee on specific items that will be returned within a specific number of days after they have been purchased if they turn out faulty, or if you have not opened the packaging that they came in. Please note, all the seals and shrink-wrap must be intact for a return to be valid. If the return is occurring due to a fault on our part, we will refund the shipping costs in addition to the price you paid for the item.


We respect our customers’ privacy, and therefore, it is necessary for us – on some occasions – to verify your identity before we can allow you to access sensitive information related to your account with the Such measures have been put in place to prevent any kind of data breach or unauthorized purchases.


If you are facing any kind of problem while using the platform or making a purchase through the, please let us know so that we can solve the issue for you. Feel free to contact us with any complaint, and we will make sure that your complaint is resolved if valid and if possible to be resolved.